Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Ok, so I'm a little bit of a junk yard scavenger.  A few days ago I was wondering my neighborhood when I noticed a huge cardboard box, the kind you used to cut up and make into a fort when we were kids.  A refrigerator box size... on the side was written "FREE" I love free things so a split second later I'm inside this box going to town pulling out old books with hard covers I kept putting aside magazines and national geo's from years ago.. and BAM I noticed a VOGUE magazine, pulled it up from the piles and trash, books and other lesser publications, its a 1979 VOGUE!!  I kept digging and digging only to uncover these four magazines.  Now I have a mini collection and keeping my eye out for any other strange looking boxes near that house where I stumbled upon these little gems.  To some its trash, I think its treasure.  :)

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