Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Traveling south, again.

I just returned from shooting in LA this past Sunday, did the drive from SF - LA on the 101.  Gotta love hwy 101, so many great locations along the way worth stopping for and taking the camera out.  I'm back in SF now and working on edits and retouching images that are due tomorrow.  Friday I'll be heading back south on hwy 101 to shoot a group of ballet dancers performing in Santa Barbara.  The ballet company is called Morphoses / The Wheeldon Company.  If your in Santa Barbara area get yourself some tickets you won't be let down. 


A new issue of Snowboard Magazine has just hit the stands and with it are the images I took in Norway last winter during the event that Terje Haakonsen created, The Arctic Challenge.   It was snowing most of the time I was there, during the event the sun came out maybe for 10-20 mins.  It was great getting to ride and shoot along side the worlds best quarter pipe riders like Terje, Pat Moore, Antti Autti and Shayne Pospisil who won biggest air on the mega-quarter pipe.   Oh also Snowboard Magazine has a new logo and this issues cover is in 3D go grab a copy of it off the news stands.

WIRED Magazine Article

November of 2009 I had the opportunity to shoot a story for WIRED Magazine on the amazing island of Kauai .  Here is an online link to the shots and story.  Its pretty interesting what these guys on Kauai are doing to preserve the natural fauna, by killing the alien plants with paintball guns and choppers!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Teatro Zinzanni

Last night I was able to take Christy out to Teatro Zinzanni for dinner.  I'm working on a potential job with Teatro Z to shoot new advertising images for them.  Since I had to see what its all about to get a better idea of what they do we were comped tickets to the dinner/show.  Its a must see if you your ever in SF great characters and fun times.  We had some good laughs at most of the time at the expense of other dinner patrons that get pulled into the show from time to time during the entire evening which lasts about 3 hours.    Check it here:  http://love.zinzanni.org/

p.s. if you do go you should try to dress to impress, everyone goes all out with feathers in the hair, fur things around the neck, diamonds, jewels oh my...

Some time at the beach...

Took a minute away from the computer today and shot a bunch of pics of some surfers just north of Golden Gate bridge.. its been sometime since I just went out to shoot for fun... feels good.

WIRED Magazine shoot

Back in November I did a shoot on the beautiful island of Kauai for WIRED magazine.  It was a dream job that put me and my wife up in a helicopter for a few hours flying through canyons, over waterfalls, landing on the wettest spot on earth and hanging out over the ground shooting images of the vegetation and the people who help to protect its natural progress and prevent over growth of alien plants that have been brought onto the island.  The story will be out in the Feb. issue of WIRED so go check it out.
This is a photo of Christy Riley just before heading out for the shoot and her first helicopter ride ever!

Friday, January 15, 2010

New Wammy

I just posted about craigslist and again I have some news.. don't just look over at the free stuff all the time.  Although free is amazing however sometimes you can find great deals on things just a little bit above the free zone.  This is my new wammy jammy, paintball gun I picked up from Craigslist today, the guy lived in my neighborhood and didn't really want it anymore... So now it has a nice warm new home!  Anyone out there wanna go shoot eachother? 

Trampoline sessions & Craigslist...

So.... I have this problem.  I can't stay off craigslist, I love it.  I always search craigslist.com in the morning for about 20-30 mins before I start my daily grind of editing and retouching.  The secret to craigslist is to find things that are FREE!  Look on the section FOR SALE and click on FREE.  People drop things on the curb, give away pianos, furniture, rocks, wood, bikes.. oh and trampolines.  I found a post "trampoline for free" and I went and got it!  Now its my pride and joy in my backyard sitting there looking at begging me to come and play.  One day I did and since it is a 14' trampoline it takes up my entire backyard space.  I opened my window and jumped out onto it and had memories of childhood and learning tricks on my snowboard flood into my head.  I jumped I bounced... then I think I blew out my back!  Now its been 5 days since my new friend in the backyard and I can't go play.  I have been making new friends with my chiropractor downtown who tells me I need to stay away from the trampoline for awhile.  Ok all that being said I haven't jumped on it since my back went out but I had a model come over that I know named Hilarie and we shot a bunch of images of her jumping and having fun on the trampoline.. Here are a couple images that I have been playing with since then and my back is feeling better and I think I may go jump out of my window again.   :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Moving along...

June 2009.  Christy and I loaded up everything we own into a Uhaul truck and drove from NYC to San Francisco.  After dropping Christy off in Columbus to visit with her family and get the first class treatment of flying to SF, I began the journey with good friend Phil Anema who joined me on the drive out west.  This is a picture of Phil at his best during a quick pit stop in eastern Colorado.  After 10 days of traveling and sightseeing we arrived to the bitter cold air of a typical San Fran summer... If only I had a penny for every time someone mentioned the quote from Mark Twain!  The summer is gone and now we are cruising along in 2010 and enjoying the 62 degree temp. we have now in the middle of January.  So this is a start for me on a mission to begin to blog and post for 2010 and see how I do with keeping it relevant, interesting and consistent.  Wish me luck and any help or advice for better blogging formats, layouts, software would be greatly appreciated...  CR