Thursday, September 04, 2014

Lots of new work in 2014.  Clients such as Subaru, Apple, Target, TOMS Shoes, Shots Magazine, Shabby Apple, The Mens Wearhouse & Beach Park Brazil.  Loving all the travel and great people I'm getting to work with.  For the Shabby Apple fashion shoot we flew to Puerto Rico and worked with the amazing talented Make-up Artist Christie Lee from New York City.  For Beach Park Brazil I spent four days with my assistants running around one of Brazil's largest water parks and vacation destinations in Fortaleza, Brazil.  We shot the water parks summer 30 second TV spot with a Phantom camera shooting up to 1000 and 2000 frames per second to get amazing slow motion action shots!  This was my first time filming with a Phantom and I learned a lot, mostly how difficult and cumbersome the Phantom camera is.  I also shot stills for the website and print campaigns for Beach Park as you can see in this image of the family "SELFIE" shot.  Shooting for Subaru was such a treat and I got to work with an amazing crew and one of my best friends Mike Jones.  We had an amazing time in Moab, UT filming with my Drone, a DJI Phantom 2 and getting crazy close to steep edges of cliffs with a new Subaru Crosstrek.  Did some firsts on this trip which was try to high-line with some of the best slack liners in the world and did an amazing rope swing in a harness off a arch in Moab.  Long days, lots of travel and retouching in my immediate future.  I'm pretty happy with that for now.

Recent shoot in Brazil.  A local beauty soaking in the sun.