Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Snowboarding in Argentina

Getting powder turns in August, what can be better?


Here are a few images from a swimwear shoot in Phuket, Thailand.
This is for DiNeila Brazil.  Neila the owner is an amazing swimwear designer with loads of energy and creates high-end swimwear out of New York City & Brazil.  This shoot was so much fun hanging out in one of the most amazing places on earth with good people soaking in the sun!


Images from a recent campaign I shot are up online now at TRIA BEAUTY
More to come from this campaign as images start to hit the magazines and billboards soon...

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

7X7 Magazine

Here is a funky image that I did for San Francisco's local magazine 7x7.
This is Sara Kraft, a local SF performer who brings a little bit of everything to the table for her shows.
She mixes media like mix master mike.  A number of video cameras record her while she is on stage and projectors display the images at different times on large canvases or silks suspended on the the stage while she interacts with other images, lights and even herself via the pre-recorded or live at the event recordings.  I didn't do it any justice with my explanation but its very unique and intense.

Roof Top, NYC.

Camera Luv..

Forgot about this post from good friend and designer Jeremy Kennedy..
Gave me a little shout out awhile back... Thanks Jeremy!
Check out his site and amazing graphic designs and art work here: Jeremy Kennedy

Fun with the 5D Mark II after a fashion shoot.

Model: Kacie Schiffer
Location: Studio, New York City

iphone movie

Filmed this short movie on my iphone of my buddy Phil Anema while on a hike with a few friends in Muir Woods just outside of San Francisco.  Enjoy!