Monday, May 31, 2010


I have a photographer friend who built this rain machine that he found directions to online and loved it.  So simple and easy to make, so I built one myself and gave it a go.  The trick is to keep your talent happy with pumping warm water from you home faucet to the outside, I tried directly from outside faucet with my first test using this rain machine and the shoot ended in minutes!  Warm water = happy talent.  These images are from the shoot I did with the rain machine this week.  First pic is during lighting test and shows the set up in my backyard.

Friday, May 28, 2010


I stumbled across the most amazing and raw music video I have ever seen, please send me your music videos if you think something is better out there.  Not to mention I love the music as well.  I've watched this five times already today. 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I just received this sweet little EFLITE BLADE SR heli in the mail yesterday, today I went out to give it a maiden voyage in Golden Gate park with my buddy Josh Gruetzmacher.   First flight about 5 feet up and layed it down into the grass.... ouch! .... ok, deep breath... prop it back up.  Ready for second go, this time I give it a little more throttle to get up about 12 feet off the grown, it did a small circle around us as I quickly try to adjust and level her out, no use this thing loves gravity, and proceeds to do a spiral into the grass... smack!  Blades busted, and gear teeth stripped out, GAME OVER.  That was 2 minutes of fun, right?  Now ordering replacement parts and a set of training wheels for a helicopter.....


Ok, so I'm a little bit of a junk yard scavenger.  A few days ago I was wondering my neighborhood when I noticed a huge cardboard box, the kind you used to cut up and make into a fort when we were kids.  A refrigerator box size... on the side was written "FREE" I love free things so a split second later I'm inside this box going to town pulling out old books with hard covers I kept putting aside magazines and national geo's from years ago.. and BAM I noticed a VOGUE magazine, pulled it up from the piles and trash, books and other lesser publications, its a 1979 VOGUE!!  I kept digging and digging only to uncover these four magazines.  Now I have a mini collection and keeping my eye out for any other strange looking boxes near that house where I stumbled upon these little gems.  To some its trash, I think its treasure.  :)


These images are from an underwater series I shot earlier this year with a group of amazing dancers from the San Francisco Ballet.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Just a quick view of my workstation from my office/studio.  I want to keep taking pictures of it as the months, years go by and see how it changes with computers, monitors, images on the board, etc....
Its always a work in progress and everyday something is moving, getting replaced with new inspiration or old ideas getting taken down.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Some more images from TRIA BEAUTY shoot.  Clean and crisp, white on white.


Very interesting camera Sony just released the Sony NEX-5
Click to watch a short video about the Sony, reviewed by The New York Times.

Not that I'm going out to get one, but its pretty fun to see where the industry is heading as they change with the demand for better, smaller cameras for all consumer levels.  Then you can go the other route and get bigger and heavier and still have tons of demand for it such as the new EPIC camera from RED. If you don't know about RED yet, you should look into what they are dreaming of creating and have already put out some amazing cameras...  (just to show off... added a picture of me wielding the RED one, its a heavy beast!)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Here are a few images from a shoot I just wrapped on a couple weeks ago.  These suits are mostly one pieces so I tried to give it a little bit of an elegance and vintage feeling to the images.  I'm heading to New York City June 7th for another swimwear shoot, this time in the studio and different client. 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Three Year Anniversary! 5/5/10

This post is a little late for our anniversary but thought I would add a photo from our weekend getaway to my aunt & uncles cabin up in Shaver Lake, California.
Living with my best friend for three years, we have had so many adventures in such a short amount of time.  I'm so happy to be with my wife Christy and I love her more then I thought I was able to love.  This image was a random idea while driving through Sequoia National Park on our way back home to San Francisco.  I wanted to stop and shoot something with the trees and the light was going down soon...after awhile into the drive I thought how great and beautiful each tree was and so amazed at their age and height... "look at that one!" "look at that tree, its amazing!"  Then it hit me I'm sounding like a tree hugger... and now we have our tree hugging portrait shot with my 5D MK II on a tripod and a remote shutter release so we can both be some hippie tree huggers, we love trees!  Happy Anniversary to us.

Click on image to see larger facial expressions...its worth it. ;)

Sunday, May 16, 2010


New image on the homepage of Tria Beauty that I shot for their campaign and new product launch.  Keep your eyes open for them to hit a number of women's magazines this summer.
Model: Amanda  Agency: Look Models

Monday, May 10, 2010

Lakey Peterson Shoot

Just did a shoot with the amazing Lakey Peterson, 15 yr old pro-surfer.  She has so much energy and such a talented girl there isn't much this girl from Santa Barbara can't do.   Keep your eye on her to be all over the surf mags and headlines in the next few years.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

American Eagle Shoot / Pittsburgh 2010

The American Eagle video crew (left to right:  Phil Anema, Chad Riley, Bradley Shaffer, Leanne Ford, Anthony Dodero) Now off to NYC for day 3.

Monday, May 03, 2010


NYC client Autumn Cashmere.  Link to site here.

San Francisco Magazine / Style Counsel

Here are a few images from a recent San Francisco Magazine portrait shoot.  The subject is a local SF landscape architect, Andrea Cochran.  Thank you Misty Schmidt for helping assist me on this shoot.


Here are a few screen grabs from the final product of my shoot in Paris last month.
Shabby Apple.