Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Three Year Anniversary! 5/5/10

This post is a little late for our anniversary but thought I would add a photo from our weekend getaway to my aunt & uncles cabin up in Shaver Lake, California.
Living with my best friend for three years, we have had so many adventures in such a short amount of time.  I'm so happy to be with my wife Christy and I love her more then I thought I was able to love.  This image was a random idea while driving through Sequoia National Park on our way back home to San Francisco.  I wanted to stop and shoot something with the trees and the light was going down soon...after awhile into the drive I thought how great and beautiful each tree was and so amazed at their age and height... "look at that one!" "look at that tree, its amazing!"  Then it hit me I'm sounding like a tree hugger... and now we have our tree hugging portrait shot with my 5D MK II on a tripod and a remote shutter release so we can both be some hippie tree huggers, we love trees!  Happy Anniversary to us.

Click on image to see larger facial expressions...its worth it. ;)

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Josh Gruetzmacher said...

Congratulations!! You guys are awesome. This photo makes me smile too. Cheers!