Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I just received this sweet little EFLITE BLADE SR heli in the mail yesterday, today I went out to give it a maiden voyage in Golden Gate park with my buddy Josh Gruetzmacher.   First flight about 5 feet up and layed it down into the grass.... ouch! .... ok, deep breath... prop it back up.  Ready for second go, this time I give it a little more throttle to get up about 12 feet off the grown, it did a small circle around us as I quickly try to adjust and level her out, no use this thing loves gravity, and proceeds to do a spiral into the grass... smack!  Blades busted, and gear teeth stripped out, GAME OVER.  That was 2 minutes of fun, right?  Now ordering replacement parts and a set of training wheels for a helicopter.....

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