Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Moving along...

June 2009.  Christy and I loaded up everything we own into a Uhaul truck and drove from NYC to San Francisco.  After dropping Christy off in Columbus to visit with her family and get the first class treatment of flying to SF, I began the journey with good friend Phil Anema who joined me on the drive out west.  This is a picture of Phil at his best during a quick pit stop in eastern Colorado.  After 10 days of traveling and sightseeing we arrived to the bitter cold air of a typical San Fran summer... If only I had a penny for every time someone mentioned the quote from Mark Twain!  The summer is gone and now we are cruising along in 2010 and enjoying the 62 degree temp. we have now in the middle of January.  So this is a start for me on a mission to begin to blog and post for 2010 and see how I do with keeping it relevant, interesting and consistent.  Wish me luck and any help or advice for better blogging formats, layouts, software would be greatly appreciated...  CR

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