Friday, January 15, 2010

Trampoline sessions & Craigslist...

So.... I have this problem.  I can't stay off craigslist, I love it.  I always search in the morning for about 20-30 mins before I start my daily grind of editing and retouching.  The secret to craigslist is to find things that are FREE!  Look on the section FOR SALE and click on FREE.  People drop things on the curb, give away pianos, furniture, rocks, wood, bikes.. oh and trampolines.  I found a post "trampoline for free" and I went and got it!  Now its my pride and joy in my backyard sitting there looking at begging me to come and play.  One day I did and since it is a 14' trampoline it takes up my entire backyard space.  I opened my window and jumped out onto it and had memories of childhood and learning tricks on my snowboard flood into my head.  I jumped I bounced... then I think I blew out my back!  Now its been 5 days since my new friend in the backyard and I can't go play.  I have been making new friends with my chiropractor downtown who tells me I need to stay away from the trampoline for awhile.  Ok all that being said I haven't jumped on it since my back went out but I had a model come over that I know named Hilarie and we shot a bunch of images of her jumping and having fun on the trampoline.. Here are a couple images that I have been playing with since then and my back is feeling better and I think I may go jump out of my window again.   :)

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