Saturday, January 16, 2010

Teatro Zinzanni

Last night I was able to take Christy out to Teatro Zinzanni for dinner.  I'm working on a potential job with Teatro Z to shoot new advertising images for them.  Since I had to see what its all about to get a better idea of what they do we were comped tickets to the dinner/show.  Its a must see if you your ever in SF great characters and fun times.  We had some good laughs at most of the time at the expense of other dinner patrons that get pulled into the show from time to time during the entire evening which lasts about 3 hours.    Check it here:

p.s. if you do go you should try to dress to impress, everyone goes all out with feathers in the hair, fur things around the neck, diamonds, jewels oh my...

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CR.blogspot.yo! Dude, just keep blogging even if you think no one is reading or few leave comments. Just keep blogging and you'll have a following in no time.