Thursday, October 28, 2010


Sometimes its hard to see time to create something you really want as a photographer.  At least I have this problem recently when I'm doing a lot of work for clients with a specific look and feel to it I don't have much creative input at times.  I always try to remind myself to find time in between wardrobe changes, or during a lunch break to shoot landscapes if on location or to grab a model or even an assistant to step in and shoot something that will keep my creative process flowing and allow a little break from shooting 30-40 dresses on white which sometimes is the case.  I love the in between snaps that sometimes turns out to be keepers and inspire me to keep shooting and try new things.  The first shot of the day and the last shot of the day are always my favorites where I spend most of my time.  The initial shot gets the talent and I comfortable together and how we are going to work the rest of the day depends on this first shot.  The last shot is the longest shot of the day where I take it to another level and step beyond the comfort zone of the clients or what we are trying to achieve and push for something different, new or just opposite of what we did all day. Usually that is when the magic happens.  I'm trying to take that into every shoot and every shot in a day that I make.  Try and find that happy medium of pushing it past what we are looking for and into something unexpected that makes everyone say "Wow!"
Now we are creating something.  Its the in between shots that I live for in photography, the unexpected surprises.

Three in between shots from lunch break while shooting in studio yesterday.
Allie D. @ Look Models 

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