Monday, September 27, 2010

Underwater once again.

Recent shot I did with a favorite local model named Allie @ Look Models
I had to black out a good portion of the pool to get the dark background look
which took sometime with a scuba tank and tons of black cloth, as well as lots of
sandbags to keep it from floating around.  These are a few from that shoot.  More to come

Model: Allie @ Look Models
Make-Up: Liz Chang
Stylist: Katie Quinn
Photo Assistant: Antonio Fernando


I said...

Hi, I really love these shots. I´m thinking of putting together a underwatershoot myself and kind of wondering how you sync all your flashes (octabox and beautidish?) from the pool and if you use battery powered flashes for safety reason or use standard studio lightning?

Keep up the good work

alc said...

Hi, very beautiful and interesting work! How did you light the set? I use sun light (you can see my underwater works here ) but I'm still studying for a cheap continuos light.